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Investment Products

Treasury bills and Government Bonds are debenture notes in USD or other foreign currency issued by the government in order to enhance funding and close the budget deficit .

Corporate Lending

We have been supporting Turkey’s sustainable growth and adding value to our customers’ investments through our extensive range of banking services, our deep knowledge and experience, and our expertise.

Foreign Trade Finance

We enhance the global competitive strength of our customers who are active in foreign trade through financing and guarantee options that are structured according to their exact needs.

Project Finance

With the repayments based on the cash flows of project generates, our project finance services are designed to provide the best possible solutions for your investments.

Wholesale Banking & SME Financing

We help firms achieve business and operational continuity through the complementary corporate banking instruments that we can supply.


In our capacity as a development and investment bank, we are authorized to finance investment projects’ machinery & equipment purchases through leasing..

Installment Loans

Easy and Fast Loan Services

You can take advantage of the Installment Loans to finance your short or medium term consumption needs. By choosing the loan that you need from three different consumer loans offered, you can take advantage of different interest rates, terms and coverages. The loans offered are:
  • Installment Commercial Loans
  • Auto Loans
  • Business Premises Loans

Discount Loans with suitable conditions

Discount loan is a type of cash loan made against a commercial note that has not yet due. The note's debtor must reside in the same municipality as the bank branch to which it is presented. The amount paid in cash is the face value of the note minus the interest accruing on the note until its maturity, commissions and the legal charges. In short, in a discount loan, the discounted note is endorsed over to the bank, which assumes responsibility for collecting it.
Transit Trade Loans

On the condition of a favorable difference between the purchase and sales invoices, the sale in other or the same countries (including free zones) of goods that are purchased by a natural or legal transit merchant or which are of Turkish or foreign origin and are sold overseas (including free zones), in transit or without directly being subject to import and export regime provisions

External guarantee is a written commitment issued by a bank to cover financial losses of the beneficiary in the event that the applicant (the obligor) fails to honor its obligations in accordance with the terms and conditions of the agreement/contract. An external guarantee is an irrevocable &unconditional payment undertaking of the issuing bank to be exercised upon first demand of the beneficiary.

Axiscon Investment Bank Limited sells its customers treasury bills and government bonds in the amounts they desire. By purchasing treasury bills, you can derive high profit with the securities for which the state promises payment on maturity.